Real World Studios is a residential recording studio facility located in Box, Wiltshire, in the south west of England. The facility offers an inspiring environment containing some of the finest acoustic technology solutions and a team of people who know how to make them work for you. As well as being home to WOMAD and Real World Records we have several customized producer rooms on-site which are permanently occupied.

  • Recording Studios

    Real World Studios was conceived by Peter Gabriel and designed to offer an environment that is sympathetic to the creationmore »

  • eMixing

    As a world-renowned recording studio, Real World has witnessed the making of countless global successes and continues tomore »

  • Post Production

    Real World Studios underwent some major changes at the end of 2007 to give additional flexibility in The Big Room.more »

  • Residential

    Staying a stones throw from the main studio building has obvious benefits. We offer flexible, comfortable roomsmore »