The scale of the Big Room and adjacent Wood Room makes Real World Studios ideal for a variety of invitation events.

The beautiful environment and exceptional musical heritage of Real World combine to attract people from far and wide, a recent press launch saw visitors from as far away as Brazil.

With a seated capacity of 80-100 in the Big Room, you can hire the studios for a small intimate performance to core fans. The Wood Room next door provides a place to meet before and after the show and to serve food and drink. We also offer filming and live streaming of these events as an option and have local suppliers to provide the PA system.

This can be either free or ticketed. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

If your business is anything to do with music or audio in general, Real World provides the perfect backdrop to launch a product. Be it a new microphone, record or book, we can tailor a day that journalists will remember and their photographers will love. Real World’s reputation as one of the finest studios in the world adds cachet and gravitas to any product launch. With that in mind we are selective about who we allow to use this service.

A recent example is the launch of Audio-Technica’s 5047 microphone for which we hosted 80 press and studio people from all over the world.

This is a periodic event for bedroom producers to get out of the house and collaborate with like-minded people. Spread over three days at Real World Studios, producers are  paired up and with the help of the studio facilities, session musicians and established producers create one or two tracks from the ground up. 

Details on the next Beatcamp (28-30 September 2018) are available here.

A new idea planned for Q4 2018. We will be running week long residential production seminars lead by a world-renowned producer working with a band to elicit the processes that have made that producer’s reputation.

These will be limited to people who already have a good understanding of the recording process. If you want to be kept informed of the future program of events please click here.

We’re open to suggestions for ideas of events to stage. Please contact us to discuss them, however mad you think they are!