Frequently Asked Questions

The big question

Can Real World help me fulfil my musical goals?

Quite possibly, but we couldn’t say for certain without talking to you about your specific project. Call +44 (0)1225 743188 to talk to a member of the team, or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you.


Can I send you my CV?

Any job opportunities at Real World will be advertised on our website and social media, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be the first to know. If you’d like to send a speculative CV for us to keep on file, you can do so via the contact form.

Do you offer work experience?

As you can imagine, we get a lot of requests for work experience, but as a small team, we can’t accept direct applications. We do offer work placements via industry-led schemes, however, such as our current yearly internship for two students on the University of Surrey’s Tonmeister course.


Can I take a tour of Real World?

Unfortunately, due to the busy and often confidential nature of the studio and our projects, tours are not available to the general public. However, you can take a virtual tour via the studio pages on the website. If you are looking to book the studio for a project, please contact us.

Can I buy Real World merchandise?

Yes. Real World Records features a variety of Real World fare, and Peter Gabriel-related goodies can be had here.

What’s the best way to keep up to date with Real World Studios?

We’re always active on social media, so stay in the loop by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Peter Gabriel and Real World Records

I need to license some music, photographs or video from Peter Gabriel Ltd or Real World Records. How should I go about it?

Please get in touch via the contact form and we’ll forward your enquiry to the licensing department.

How do I send fan mail to Peter Gabriel?

Please address all fan mail to the address on the contact page, marking it ‘FAO Peter Gabriel Fan Mail’. Note that we cannot guarantee a response, or that items/messages will make their way to Peter.

How do I send a demo to Real World Records?

Please visit the Real World Records website to get in touch.