Integrated Video System Upgrade


We’re always looking to adopt the latest technologies, striving to improve the recording experience for the engineers and musicians who work here. We completed our last major technical installation a few years ago when we moved to a digital foldback system and we’re now excited to reveal a major upgrade to the Studios’ video infrastructure. After trying several options, we have finished installing a new HD video system across the Big Room and Wood Room. The system is based around Blackmagic Design products and allows our ProTools rigs, HD cameras, laptops and a Chromecast to be fed to any video monitor/projector in the facility at the touch of a button. It allows musicians in different rooms to see each other in HD with near-zero latency or to view ProTools screens. We’ve also added several portable monitors that can be placed around the Studios anywhere they are required. 

As far as we know, we are one of only a handful of recording studios to have such a system. The upgrade was designed and installed by our own engineering team.

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The Breath – Only Stories (Let The Cards Fall Revisited)


Recorded in The Wood Room at Real World with a live (but silent) audience, new music from The Breath out now.

Engineer/Mix: Oli Jacobs
Assistant: Katie May

In November 2018, singer Ríoghnach Connolly and guitarist Stuart McCallum embraced, beaming out at an audience that had leapt to their feet at the close of their intimate show in Brighton. They too had felt that something very special had just happened.

Stuart and Rioghnach are the creative heart of The Breath. For this show, they had performed their first duo set, minus their full band, allowing their extraordinary connection to shine through. Stripped bare, they found a new depth and beauty in their unadorned, heartfelt songs that had connected with their audience in such a remarkable way.

A few weeks later, they travelled from Manchester to Real World Studios to re-record eight tracks; five taken from their highly acclaimed 2018 release, Let the Cards Fall. In a set-up that mimicked the gig setting, tracks were recorded in one take, live, immediate and in the moment.

“Whilst feeling a bit daunting at first” says Stuart, “we knew after the Brighton gig that the space in the music allowed for more subtlety, presenting the songs in a new light and really capturing the lyrical narrative and performance nuances in an extremely intimate way. It felt important to go to Real World Studios and revisit these songs in this intimate, raw duo setting.”

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Bokanté – Bòd Lanmè Pa Lwen (Duo Version)


15 January 2019

Engineer/Mix: Patrick Phillips
Film/Edit: York Tillyer

Ahead of their upcoming tour in the UK and Europe, Bokanté have released a stripped-back version of ‘Bòd Lanmè Pa Lwen’ from their 2018 album What Heat, which was a collaboration with Metropole Orkest and Jules Buckley.

Band members Michael League and Malika Tirolien visited Real World Studios a few months ago and reimagined two of the tracks from their second album as a duo, the first of which is now available. Malika’s impressive vocals take centre stage, with Michael League building a multi-layered rhythmic accompaniment.

In an interview for Real World, Michael League talked about the background to the track:

“This track is a hopeful tune about perseverance, action, and what can happen if we continue to struggle and push forward. Malika is singing about trudging through the desert and finding an oasis (‘We walked, we suffered/But we’ve stood firm and now we’ve arrived’), which is represented musically by a transition from down tempo blues to a heavy up-tempo thing with Moroccan-style percussion; Jamey [Haddad] toured with Berber groups and he loves putting a three feel over grooves in different time signatures. Knowing that made me write it into several songs on the record. The Metropole steams through high-speed linear figures that Malika cooked up. It’s stunning to hear an orchestra with such agility and groove.”

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Ida Mae – My Girl Is a Heartbreak


New music from the awesome Ida Mae out today, produced by Ethan Johns

Recorded in the Wood Room by Dom Monks, assisted by Oli Jacobs. 

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Alison Sudol – Moon

New music from Alison Sudol recorded in the Wood Room and produced by Ali Chant, ‘Moon’.
“The music was finished two years ago, but until this morning, I have not actually been certain I was going to let it out of my perfectionistic, freaked-out little paws. But now, I know I absolutely have to, or I am going to explode like my washing machine, music will pour out of my eyeballs and nose like soapy evil foam and it will be a mess that I could have prevented.
So in answer to that question of when am I coming back to music, the answer is not soon. It’s now. I’m here. And Moon comes out Friday. It’s happening.
The question I haven’t been asked, however, is why has it been so long?”
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Richard Spaven – Faded


5th October 2018

 Richard Spaven releases the first single, Faded (feat. Jordan Rakei), from his upcoming album recorded at Real World // Listen here

The song was recorded at Real World Studios by associate engineer Patrick Phillips in The Big Room and The Wood Room, assisted by Oli Middleton and Fraser Latimer. The album, Real Time, is released on 2nd November and will also be available in high resolution from Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound on 15 November.

Richard’s unique subtle take on drumming and the way “he plays like a wild flower grows” (Mary Anne Hobbs /6 Music Recommends), has made him a sought-after performer with successful global artists and at Drum events and festivals around the world.

Following on from his critically acclaimed 2017 release ‘The Self’ (the title track featuring Jordan Rakei has reached over 500k plays), Richard is back with a special studio album.

Recorded live during a week at Real World Studios in the Bath countryside, ‘Real Time’ captures the artfulness of a band of musicians creating something truly unique. Richard’s long history with his band was an inspiration during the writing of this record. His collaboration with vocalist Jordan Rakei is continued – exceeding expectations after a week-long residential recording session. In addition is co-writer and long standing band member Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra, The Breath) on guitars. The recordings also feature Robin Mullarkey (Jacob Collier) on bass, and Oli Rockberger (Laura Mvula) on keys.

Notable for their diverse production skills, Frederic Robinson (Medschool) and Jameszoo (Brainfeeder) join Richard on Real Time. The inclusion of their intricate sound design and warped distorted abstract sees that the music on Real Time is elevated to new levels. Throughout the 9 tracks of the album, Richard on drums plays artfully with the beats, subtlety abounds yet grooving hard in constantly shifting, unexpected turns of rhythmic layers.

The result is modern sounding electronica from a group of exquisitely talented forward-thinking musicians who are not bound by any genres but thrive in the simple idea of creating and playing together.

Photos: York Tillyer

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Beatcamp #002 released


5 October 2018

We are excited to announce that the Beatcamp #002 album is available // Listen Here

The album was made over the course of three days as part of Beatcamp #002 at Real World Studios.

If you’d like to be involved in Beatcamp #003 – next May – sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

Photos: York Tillyer

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