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JuJu record 'In Trance' live in The Wood Room

"We just came together, plugged in and played," says Adams of In Trance, a one-take marvel that begs repeated listening. "We played it exactly as we play it live. It was a bit like controlling a runaway horse - that is completely spooked!"

The recording magic took place at Real World Studios, where new band members, Dave Smith and Billy Fuller, brought their own unique strengths to the mix. In the studio, JuJu created five new tracks that make your body pulsate - music that is raw and swinging and has that slightly distorted sheet-of-sound vibe that Moroccan artists like The Musicians of Jajouka have, where everyone is doing their own little pushes and pulls and twists and twiddles and weaving an incredible sonic web. Two tracks, Mariama Trance and Deep Sahara have previously appeared on the EP, The Trance Sessions.

"The whole album evolved in a very fast and spontaneous manner," says Adams. "We just went into the studio and did five live takes without headphones or overdubbing. We set out to make swing music, dance music, trance music; we got all those things."

Published 20th Jun 2011, 4:38pm »

Urusen Bowers & Wilkins Session in The Wood Room

"We've had a relationship with Real World for some time and last year they sent a demo to Steve Osborne who then came to see us play live and offered to work with us. This coincided with an opportunity to do new recordings with the help of the Society of Sound and everything just fell into place. Both Steve and we felt a live approach was far and away best. We produced our own recordings in the past and knew that the dynamism, energy and magic were lost when recordings were distilled to individual parts. We'd spent two years playing across the UK and really honed our 'performance' - we knew this was one of the things people connected with, so had to try and capture it."

Published 17th Jun 2011, 11:40am »

Spiro recording in the Big Room...

The extraordinary Spiro were weaving their magic in the Big Room studio last week. They are recording a second album for Real World Records with their usual breathtaking playing and heart-breaking melodies.

Photograph: York Tillyer

Published 14th Jun 2011, 1:53pm »

Cute chicks

Spring has brought some cute chicks to the studios and caused all sorts of puffed-up, posturing behaviour from certain parties.

Published 8th Apr 2011, 12:46pm »

Real World Studios Buzzing with new sessions.

The last few weeks here at the Studios has been a hive of activity for Real World artists. Samuel Yirga has been in the Big Room mixing his forthcoming album - a glorious mix of Ethio-jazz, solo piano and soul - including an uplifting version of Black Gold of the Sun featuring Nicolette (Massive Attack) and The Creole Choir of Cuba on guest vocals. Watch out for the full release later in the summer.

Meanwhile next door in the Wooden Studio Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara in their newly reinvented JuJu style were recording live - moving from psychedelic Afro-trance to raw rock energy. Expect to hear this on a new release in May.

Published 22nd Feb 2011, 5:07pm »

Frozen World

We're thankful Jerome has the kitchen up to temperature with 'Spiced Carrot Soup' and 'Goats Cheese Parcels with Braised Red Cabbage and Apple' on offer to keep us going.

Published 20th Dec 2010, 12:44pm »

Barefoot Against Poverty

Every day is Human Rights Day but this 10th December, the world goes Barefoot Against Poverty

Richard Branson, Peter Gabriel and Jeff Skoll join campaign to raise awareness for human rights by tackling poverty.

"I'm delighted to support the Barefoot Against Poverty campaign. It's extraordinary and shameful that we allow millions of children to go without food in their bellies or shoes on their feet." Peter Gabriel

Published 2nd Dec 2010, 4:10pm »

The Real World of Peter Gabriel

Viewers with access to 'Sky Arts' can tune in to 'The Real World of Peter Gabriel' tomorrow at 8pm.

"Peter Gabriel opens the doors to Real World Records, where, for the last 20 years, musicians from all over the world have been joining together to make music."

The Peter Gabriel concert film 'Growing Up Live' follows at 9pm.

Published 24th Nov 2010, 4:33pm »

The Creole Choir of Cuba in London

We had a great night in the beautiful Theatre Royal, Stratford East on Wednesday night at the start of The Creole Choir of Cuba's sell out four night run as part of The London Jazz Festival.

"The Creole Choir of Cuba have the potential to be one of the world's most successful vocal groups...They look suitably dramatic, with six women in colourful print dresses joined by four men in red shirts, and their harmony work is exhilarating and rousing. They are slick, charming and capable of handling almost anything. Backed only by occasional percussion, the choir mixes African-sounding dance pieces with more lightweight cha-cha-cha, unexpected echoes of chanson, gospel and even a delicate treatment of Nat King Cole's Unforgettable." Robin Denselow

We're looking forward to seeing them again next week when they call in at Real World Studios to add some of their magical vocals to a new project currently underway in The Big Room.

Published 19th Nov 2010, 1:22pm »

Fistful Of Mercy

'As I Call You Down', the debut release from Fistful of Mercy - a collaboration between Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison and Joseph Arthur has prompted Real World Records to look in the archive and pull out this video of Joseph Arthur mixing his album 'Come To Where I'm From' in The Big Room with Tchad Blake and assorted dogs.

Published 6th Oct 2010, 3:23pm »

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