Society of Sound

Bowers & Wilkins are working together with Real World on a unique and exciting collaboration called Society of Sound.

Bowers and Wilkins has asked Real World to commission or source 12 new albums a year to be available through an exclusive subscription only music download club – curated by Real World Studios and Peter Gabriel. Many of the albums are recorded at Real World Studios. The aim is to deliver high-quality digital audio – the albums are available as digital downloads at 24 bit/48 khz quality and accessible as FLAC or Apple Lossless files.

“The brand of B&W and Real World are both associated with excellence and innovation; the challenge of the new and unexplored. Society of Sound aims to seek out and present new music that demands a platform to be heard – whether it is outstanding undiscovered artists or well-known musicians looking to make recordings in an unexpected way. The diversity of music offered intends to delight, entertain and sometimes challenge the discerning listener. The only essential criteria is quality – both of the audio experience and the passion and integrity of the performance. The music selected will not be restricted by genre, language or geographical source – whether it is jazz, rock, classical or world music – it is for the enjoyment of those who have open ears.”

Bowers & Wilkins has grown from its cottage industry origins to become the global leader in high-end speakers and audio systems:

“Breaking every convention in our relentless pursuit of improvement, our speakers consistently set the benchmark in performance and design and are now used as standard in the most demanding recording studios around the world – as well as the homes of discerning sound enthusiasts everywhere.

“Throughout our 40-year history, we’ve met a lot of people who share our passion for sound. We thought it was time we brought them together. The Society of Sound is a meeting place for people who love sound. It’s somewhere to come for inspiration, where you can find out about people who are using sound creatively. It’s also a resource for hearing from people who have challenging ideas about the future of sound. Last but not least, the Society of Sound is an expression of Bowers & Wilkins ongoing dedication to revealing sound in all its glory.”

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Society of Sound Music: 78
Cara Dillon - A Thousand Hearts

Real World continues to work with Bowers and Wilkins to bring outstanding music for members of Society of Sound. Presented this month is award-winning Irish singer Cara Dillon with her album A Thousand Hearts. Produced and arranged by Cara’s husband Sam Lakeman the album features guests including Timothy B Schmit (The Eagles). The songs slip effortlessly between traditional ballads, Americana and folk. Cara’s exquisite crystalline voice carries both beauty and poignancy - she is one of the most superlative singers of her generation. This is the opportunity to own this music in the best quality possible, audio at studio standard not heard before: "We had both 16bit/44.1 and 24bit/96 masters done with each being approached from a differing objective. To me there's no comparison, the Hi-Res masters were given far more room to breath, have much greater detail and the dynamic is far greater.” - Sam Lakeman

Listen as a high quality digital download via Society of Sound

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