The Big Room


One of the most awe-inspiring writing, recording and mixing spaces in the world, the Big Room is a musician’s paradise, packed with technology, old and new. Aesthetically, it’s also a far cry from the windowless box of the average studio, as glancing up from the 72-channel Solid State Logic 9000K console gives an intoxicating view of the millpond through the giant windows, complete with ducks, swans and – if you’re lucky – kingfishers.


The original, groundbreaking idea behind the Big Room was to bring musicians and engineers together in the same space, ‘dissolving’ the control room, and that’s still how it’s often employed. When a greater degree of separation is required, though, there are 13 acoustic screens and two isolation booths available, as well as the option of joint-booking the Wood Room, for a more conventional divided control/live room setup.

The Big Room contains a Pro Tools | Ultimate HDX-2 system (64 i/o), custom Exigy monitoring and a 24-channel digital foldback system, as well as a Yamaha C3 grand piano, Yamaha U3 upright with optional felts, Hammond C3 organ and an ever-expanding list of other instruments and backline.

Our engineering team can advise on which of Real World’s rooms would best suit your project. Get in touch with them via the Contact page.

“Working altogether in the Big Room was a real advantage as we were able to see and hear each other; allowing us to feel the music in a really natural way.”

Boy & Bear

“There’s this Big Room where everyone can sit together and add to the process. We were recording in the room, not a booth, so everyone got to see us recording the vocals.”

Jay Z

“Real World has an atmosphere unlike anywhere else – a real sense of collaboration, curiosity and energy that’s exciting to be part of.”

John Metcalfe