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The Rehearsal Room

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Evening Full Day Engineer
£40+VAT £120+VAT £200+VAT

The Rehearsal Room is a 15m x 5m soundproof and acoustically dry space, perfect for band rehearsals and tour pre-production.

It holds a large Turbosound PA with Yamaha amps, a Mackie 32-8 mixing console, four floor wedges and a small selection of microphones. There’s also a shared recreational area with tea, coffee and microwave facilities.

The Rehearsal Room is available as a self-service room or with an engineer.


  • Mackie 32-8 mixing desk
  • Turbosound flashlight sub x2, floodlight top x2. Powered by 4 Yamaha t5n amps, with BSS digital crossovers
  • 4 Floor Wedges
  • 1 Yamaha Rev 5 Reverb Unit
  • 2 SM58
  • 2 SM57
  • 1 D112
  • 2 Passive DI Boxes
  • 2 Behringer C2
  • 6 Behringer XM1800s
Priced per day (ex VAT), week hire is the price of 4 days.

AKG D112 £10
AKG C451 £15
AKG C414 B-XLS £25
Audio Technica 4041 £15
ElectroVoice RE20 £10
SE SE3 £15
SE 2200a £25
Sennheiser MD509 £10
Sennheiser MD421 £8
Sennheiser MD441 £8
Shure KSM 32 £20
Shure SM58 £8
Shure SM58a (Beta) £9
Shure SM57 £8
Shure SM57a (Beta) £9
Shure SM7 £15