The Wood Room

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One of the most sonically superlative recording spaces ever built, the Wood Room is famed for its warm, rich acoustic, and big enough to hold a large ensemble. It’s often combined with the Big Room, but can also be booked on its own.

The Wood Room houses a mobile recording rig based on a 24-channel Solid State Logic AWS 924 console with a further 16 channels of Neve 33114 Preamplifiers. Although it’s usually kept in the room, the rig can be moved to the isolation booth if preferred.

The Wood Room also contains a Bosendorfer 170CS Grand Piano, a 32-in Pro Tools | Ultimate HDX rig, a 24-channel digital foldback system, an ever-expanding array of instruments and outboard, and six acoustic screens – with and without windows.

Our engineering team can advise on which of Real World’s rooms would best suit your project. Get in touch with them via the Contact page.

“It’s always a pleasure to work at Real World. It has managed to embrace modern technology while still maintaining a fantastic, creative, old school working environment. I can’t think of any other studio that has done this so successfully.”

Enda Walsh, Engineer to Van Morrison

“Real World! What an amazing studio.”

Chris Porter, Producer: Chris De Burgh, George Michael, Take That