The Real World Recording Week


A global gathering of musicians and producers.

For one week in the summer of 1991, some of the world’s finest musicians and record producers came together in the Wiltshire valley which houses Real World Studios, to live, work and play in a stimulating, creative environment, quite unlike anything ever previously attempted.

“I always imagined Real World would be like it has been this week.” Peter Gabriel, tired but elated, was seated at a table in the converted barn known, for just one week in the summer of 1991, as Lulu’s Café. “It’s a meeting place where musicians and technologists can drop in and work together, without the barriers and hassles of the music business.”

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Producer Kevin Killen remembers the birth of Real World Studios


Award-winning producer and engineer Kevin Killen has had a long relationship with Peter Gabriel and Real World. He worked on Peter’s seminal 1986 album ‘So’, as well as subsequent projects during the early years of Real World Studios, and has returned to Box many times to engineer projects for a wide range of artists. In this piece written to mark the 25th anniversary of Real World Records, he reflects on his experiences and the impact Real World has made on the music industry.

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Dom Monks recording I’m With Her


Dom Monks is a familiar face at Real World Studios. He began his career here working as an assistant to Peter Gabriel’s engineer Dickie Chappell before moving to become a staff engineer in the studio. He later went freelance to work primarily with producer Ethan Johns (Laura Marling, Tom Jones, Kings of Leon) and still frequently returns to work at Real World, with his own projects and with Ethan.

In this article, Dom speaks to Mix Online about recording and mixing I’m With Her – the acoustic supergroup formed of Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O’Donovan and Sara Watkins. The album was recorded and mixed in the Wood Room.

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If Real World does one thing better than any other studio, it is providing an environment which prevents any creative challenge from appearing insurmountable.” Dom Monks

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Location Recording – Stornoway


Over the last few months, our engineers have been recording more and more ‘on location’, in various venues around the country. Working with the lovely team and state-of-the-art mixing consoles manufactured by Solid State Logic (SSL), we are well placed to capture high resolution multi-channel recordings. The consoles’ architecture, coupled with our equipment, allow us to track to ProTools or Logic – recording to up to four computers simultaneously over easy-to-install fibre optic cable. The stage boxes have built-in microphone level splits, allowing easy integration with existing setups and a near-zero impact on the monitor and front-of-house engineers.

Last weekend’s recording of Stornoway at the New Theatre in Oxford goes to show just how far this technology has come. This was Stornoway’s final show before disbanding. So, with no second chances, redundancy was a major advantage – recording to three machines simultaneously while also creating a stereo mix. We were able to seamlessly integrate with minimal impact on the tour, while adding our own array of ambient microphones to capture the audience – who were in full voice! 

Photo: York Tillyer

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