The Big Room at Real World Studios has become the first facility in the Bristol and Bath area to be fully licensed by Dolby for film mixing. The Big Room has a reputation as one of the world’s leading music studios, and recent additions have brought film mixing to the portfolio. With a 7-metre screen, Christie projection and a bespoke monitoring system by Exigy the studio provides a genuine large-room film-mixing option in the West Country. With the majority of film and television projects being Pro Tools based a D-Control mixing console with Pro Tools HDX systems is the standard set-up.

Also available on site is one of the country’s largest (and quietest) foley stages, as well as the smaller Red Room studio which is ideal for film premixing and TV sound post. This room also offers ADR recording and Source-Connect options .

Real World also offers residential options and has on-site catering facilities for clients.

Disneynature’s “Monkey Kingdom” is the latest film project to pass through the facilities. All of the premixing took place in both the Red Room and the Big Room with foley done on-site in our Foley room.