Additional Services

Tape transfer and baking

We’re geared up for transfer of most types of analogue tape to digital, using a variety of well-maintained machines: 2-track (1/4″ and 1/2″), 24-track 2″, 48-track digital (Sony), Betamax, DAT, Cassette and AKAI disks.

If necessary, we can temporarily restore damaged tapes in our laboratory oven to enable successful transfer. When a tape is stored for a long period of time, the binding that holds the magnetic particles to the plastic tape can break down (a process known as ‘sticky-shed syndrome’ or ‘sticktion’), rendering it unusable. Baking the tape temporarily removes the moisture, resetting the glue binding and making the tape playable – and thus transferrable – for a few days.

Equipment repairs

Our in-house technician can advise on and/or repair a wide range of audio gear. We also keep spare parts in stock for many pieces of old and new equipment.

Audio editing

We offer a range of corrective audio editing services, including pitch correction, timing correction and restoration.

Location recording

With several mobile recording rigs (using the latest digital formats including MADI and Dante), and a vast array of microphones and skilled engineers on tap, Real World is well equipped for capturing live performances anywhere. Recent location recordings include a brass band in Barnsley, a choir in Bath Abbey and several live band performances at WOMAD and in venues across the country.