Real World Studios was conceived by Peter Gabriel in 1986 as nothing less than the recording and mixing facility of his dreams. He had strong and, at the time, radical views on what a studio session should be. The traditional paradigm of separating performers from each other and the engineer by putting them in isolated rooms felt restrictive, a hindrance to the creative process. Peter envisioned a space without such divisions, and the idea behind Real World was born – an idea that’s not only stood the test of time for over 35 years, but also played a major part in defining the sound of innumerable records.

The Studios consist of two main spaces that can be used individually or in combination, depending on the needs of your project.

The Big Room is a vast (approximately 2000 ft2) all-in-one live room and control room. Natural light pours in through the huge windows, which provide a soul-stirring view of the tranquil millpond outside.

Connected to the Big Room and often used in conjunction with it, the Wood Room is a more orthodox live area with a stunning acoustic. The Wood Room can also be booked independently as an all-in-one space centred on a comprehensive mobile recording rig.

Our newest studio, The Red Room is the ideal space for recording and mixing for up to three people. White Mark designed, it includes ATC SCM45a monitoring, SSL summing and an upright piano.

Our engineering team can advise prior to booking on which of Real World’s rooms would best suit your project. Get in touch with them via the Contact page.

If Real World does one thing better than any other studio, it is providing an environment which prevents any creative challenge from appearing insurmountable.”

Dom Monks, Engineer: Tom Jones, Seth Lakeman, White Denim, The Staves, Laura Marling