The Red Room

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The perfect space for mixing, production and songwriting, the Red Room is a paradise for the discerning producer and mixer. With all-ATC monitoring in either stereo or 7.1.4 surround, the room is calibrated for mixing in Atmos for Music. Brimming with both cutting-edge and vintage gear, it’s a space to bury yourself in the minutiae of sonic detail and a space to stand back and create.

The acoustics of the room are designed by White Mark and the monitoring is from ATC, coupled with a Grace Design M908 monitor controller. The result is a listening environment you can trust to translate faithfully in the outside world. The versatility of workflow allows for immediate plug and play of your own DAW – with or without the installed 64i/o Pro Tools Ultimate HDX2 rig, and our system flexibility offers rapid integration of all your hardware with our own resident and floating gear. For hybrid mixing, analogue summing via an SSL X Desk enables seamless integration of our vintage and modern hardware, coupled with all the usual plugins you’d expect ‘in the box’. For writing and production we’ve installed a Yamaha U3 upright piano (with optional felt), and an assortment of synths, keyboards, guitars and back-line is available on request. 

The 7.1.4 complement of ATC monitors comprises SCM45s for L,C and R, SCM12s for the sides and tops and an SCM 0.1-15 Pro Subwoofer. The natural daylight and extremely low noise floor make the Red Room a comfortable and calming place to work for long periods of time without fatigue setting in.

The on-call assistant will set everything up with you on arrival and we also have experienced engineers trained in Atmos mixing on staff. We can also take care of the whole mixing process remotely as part of our eMixing service. Accommodation is available on-site or in the local area and our resident chef and housekeeping staff will take care of everything else so you can focus solely on the music.

And all of this in the beautiful and creatively inspiring surroundings of Real World Studios.