Up to 25% off for unsigned artists
We’re offering two levels of reduction:
Option one is a discount on the current studio rate that varies in amount depending on how far ahead of time you book:
5% discount for bookings up to 6 weeks ahead of time
10% discount for bookings up to 4 weeks ahead of time
20% discount for bookings up to 2 weeks ahead of time
Option two is a 25% reduction on the current studio rate with Real World essentially retaining that 25% interest in the recordings, so if you get signed or self-release the material you will be liable to a further cost along these lines:
You self-release the material – you pay the remaining 25% of the studio costs
You get signed – the label pays double the original reduction you received, essentially buying out Real World’s interest.
Other conditions:
  1. You have to be unsigned at the start of the session date.
  2. The offer applies to studio rates only. Engineer, catering and additional accommodation costs are not included.
  3. Offer valid until April 30th 2023.