Recording studios » The Big Room

When owner Peter Gabriel first devised the concept of Real World Studios he had a strong and, at the time, quite radical view on how a recording session should be carried out. The traditional method of separating performers from each other and from the engineer(s) in isolated rooms felt both restrictive and a hindrance to the creative process.

Peter wanted to escape the claustrophobia of a typical recording studio, and was keen to explore the concept of recording in a more natural or ‘live’ atmosphere, breaking down the conventional boundaries that exist between performers, producers and engineers. Thus was born the idea behind the Big Room, and indeed, the rest of the Real World complex.

The magnificent and versatile main area with two adjoining isolation booths can be used along side the Wood Room to provide a considerable number of options for recording almost anything. The 72 channel SSL 9000 XL K series analogue console has been custom installed to maximise its potential in the room, and one only has to look up from the desk to be reminded of the proximity of water by an intoxicating view of the millpond from the work area.

The Big Room contains a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano which is set up on the stage at the back of the room.

The Big Room is the very essence of Real World.

Dimensions: 14m by 14m (about 2000sqft).